"The Warrior" was the 1970-1971 class newsletter.

Below is a list of contributing editors.

Tina Ace Jessica Bagg Mitch Bogdanffy Debbie Ebinger
Judy Evans Bob Gould Paula Gregory Kathy Inglima
Barbara Jones Phonzo Jones Nancy Letcher Rick Lill
Bob Lizza Linda Ludwig Danny McGovern Tom Merck *
Debbie Smart * Terry Suess Jim Walsh

* Class of 1972

Just click on the links below to view the four editions of "The Warrior" and see what your fellow classmates were thinking about 40 years ago.

The Warrior, 1st Edition

The Warrior, 2nd Edition

The Warrior, 3rd Edition

The Warrior, 4th Edition

The Warrior, Reunion Edition ???

Note: Each edition of "The Warrior" was carefully retyped to reproduce the spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, and most importantly the content. Each edition is one long web page to make it easier to read.

Special thanks to Bob Gould, who never throws away any papers.