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Ace, Christina (Holm)
holm AT calgoncarbon DOT com
Ace, William
wace AT harveyonline DOT com
2006: Living in Ridgewood.  Married 25 years to my wife Cindy.  I have 4 children: Jennifer 15, Jessica 14, Nicole 6 and Justin 4.  Work for Harvey Electronics in midtown NYC as a project manager.  My family and I enjoy snowmobiling at our families house in upstate NY.  I also play golf when I get the time, enjoy hunting, fishing, and being outdoors.  
Alster, Frances (Kinghorn)
fkinghor AT zoo.uvm DOT edu
2000: Married with two children in Essex Junction, VT.  I work for the University of Vermont, teaching nutrition and doing research for the Dept. of Animal Sciences.
Bagg, Jessica    
Barone, Dominick
drbarone AT rocketmail DOT com
2000: Quick Update: College was in Fairfield,CT from there to Philadelphia ...Lived and practiced Pediatrics in south Jersey for 12 years...2 kids 16 (Jeff) and 13 (Christina) ...Moved to Phoenix,AZ in 1998...unfortunately divorced in'99....but remarried a few months ago and live in Glendale, AZ.  Have lots of family still back in NJ.
Barringer, Steve
rockguy AT tampabay.rr DOT com
Bogdanffy, Mitch
2006: Living in Arkansas.  
Busch, Laura    
Cindy, Chilton    
Collins, Pat    
Cronin, Cathy    
Diestel, Joanne    
Dinallo, Carol    
Dwyer, Kerry   Living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Ebinger, Debbie (Skok)
  reskok AT embarqmail DOT com
2010: I have been married for 30 years this June and I am an English teacher at North Warren Regional HS in Blairstown, NJ, where I moved to from HoHoKus in 1972.  I have two sons-- Michael, a graduate of USMA at West Point who is a Captain in the Army and has served in Iraq, and Mark, a Criminal Justice major who graduated from Seton Hall and hopes to follow his father's footsteps and have a career in the NJSP.  In 2008, I organized a 70's decade reunion for my high school and was shocked to see how many had passed away when we were trying to locate people.  I was very sorry to see the list for HoHoKus Public, as well.
Egner, Nancy (Denu)
  nmpdenu AT tds DOT net
2000: Nancy Egner married Phil Denu (RHS 75) 5 years ago and live in Hillsborough, NH, in a house Phil built.  We have a 16 month old little girl.  Phil is a Project Manager of an accessibilty company, and I am an administrator with the State of NH in the Dept of Mental Health
Engel, Jenny
Erickson, Cathy
Catherine_Erickson AT fleet DOT com
2000: Live in Wyckoff & have 2 children, son 13 and daughter 11.  No longer married. Work for Fleet Bank providing financing to women business owners.
Evans, Judy    
Fisher, Jeffrey
  jbigfish42 AT gateway DOT net
2000: Living in Ramsey, NJ.  Single father [widowed 1996] of two, Conor 10 and Shaughnessy 8.  Owner, Sierra Construction Inc. 
French, Susan    
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