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Gabrielle, Dave
gabe396 AT aol DOT com
2012: Married Kathy Bellezza (Ho-Ho-Kus class of 72) in 1984 and we live in Wyckoff, NJ.  We have two children, April (b. 1988), and Adam (b. 1992).  I graduated from Alfred State College in 1977 with an AOS degree for Automotive Service Specialist.  I completed 2 post graduate years of study in Autobody & Refinishing - 1978, and Heavy Duty Truck & Diesel - 1979.  I am an International Truck Dealer Technician with 30+ years experience.  I also have been employed by International Truck & Engine Corp., and Liberty Lines Transit as a Technician Instructor.  
Gillespie, Richard   Living in Boca Raton, FL  
Gould, Robert   Picture of Robert Gould's Family
Passed away 8/11/2007 from cancer.
2005: Living in Charleston, WV with wife Denise and our three kids: Laura (12), Emily (10) and Jay (6).  Legal practice and strategic consulting, mostly on government relations and public policy matters.
Grady, Melissa    
Gregory, Paula    
Grogan, Suzanne (Berrier)
s.p.berrier AT gmail DOT com 
2010: I am living in Acton, MA with my husband Tyler and twin boys William and Daniel age 12.  Teaching grades 1-3 at Oak Meadow Montessori School. 
Guarente, Johanna    Passed Away   : (
Hallman, Karen
klh120 AT earthlink DOT net 
Living in Dayton, NJ 08810
Hamer, Donna (Abair)
dancavi2001 AT yahoo DOT com 
2010: Married to David Abair October 15, 1983.  Wow, 27 years coming up.  We have two beautiful daughters.  Allison is 23 and teaches English as a second language.  She and I have traveled all over Europe together.  Beth is 20 and is a Theater Major in her junior year.  I think she has been in about 30 shows!  Dave is still beating the real estate market and flipping homes besides the many other things he does well.  I am the Executive Director of the North Country Association for the Visually Impaired.  A small not for profit in upstate NY.  We still live in Port Kent, NY and have the greatest view of Lake Champlain and all of the Vermont mountains from our home. 
Harold, Kathy    
Haviland, Susan    
Hemschot, Marielle
  mhemschot AT optonline DOT net 
2008: After graduating from college as an Occupational Therapist I decided to go corporate.   I work in NYC for the Estee Lauder Companies as Executive Director, Global Supplier Relations.   (Long title that just means I get to travel a lot and meet with suppliers to make sure our products are being produced correctly and on time!)   Prior to joining EL I spent some time in Boston, but decided to move back home "to Jersey" after Logan Airport reported getting 144 inches of snow in 1999!   I've been living back in Ho-Ho-Kus ever since and loving it!  No husband and no kids, but life is good. 
Henriques, Cynthia (Molzan)
  MCmolzan AT cs DOT com 
2005: After bouncing around in FL and the Adirondacks with college, moved back to NJ and married Jim Molzan in 1985.  We have two children ages 13 - Samantha and 7 - Jimmy.  I have been selling real estate with Abbott & Caserta in Ho-Ho-Kus for 10 years.  Life has been real good to me!
2010: My daughter is 18, goes to Northeastern University and my son is going to be in 8th grade in the fall.  Still married to Jim Molzan and we will be celebrating our 25th weddding anniversary this September 7th.  I am still working at Abbott & Caserta Realtors - this year will be 15 years.  
Infante, Mark
infanterr AT aol DOT com
2000: Living in Ho-Ho-Kus.  I have been married since 1984 to Rita whom I met in Colorado.  We have 3 children - Pamela-10, Christopher-8 and Matthew-6. 
Inglima, Kathleen
KAW115 AT aol DOT com
2000: Married Jim Walsh in 1981, have 5 children, and now live in Alpharetta, GA. 
Jones, Barbara
  pasj81 AT aol DOT com
Jones, David
davejones AT impakmarketing DOT com
2000: Living in Richmond, VA
2005: I have lived in Virginia since graduating college in '79.  I'm married with two boys - Scott 19 and Brant 16 (yes,I got the name Brant from Randy Speir's brother).  I still stay in contact with Fudd Kelley (Portland, ME) and Bob (pizza) Lizza (Boston, MA).  Hope to see everyone in a year or so.
Kayes, Kevin    
Kelley, John
jgkelley AT aol DOT com
2005: Living in Portland, ME  
Kelly, Chris    
Kennedy, Neil    
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